Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Bye Bye Vanilla

My sissy and I have had a small break from chastity.  We reverted back to our old days of vanilla.....blah....we were in our vanilla rut.....infrequent sex...blah.  It's crazy how much chastity has made us closer to each other. 

Within the last week, we said bye bye vanilla and my sissy locked up again.  We've been more tuned into each other and can't keep our hands off each other.  I constantly feel aroused.  I can't stop thinking about ways to play and tease my sissy.

How can chastity/orgasm denial cause such intense feelings?

I love that chastity helps us to learn more about each other and explore fantasies.  My sissy shared some phrases that turn him on......
  •  you'll never touch your penis again without my permission
  •  i love denying you
  •  you'll never know when, or if, you'll get to cum again
  •  i love how frustrated you are
I've never dove deep into humiliating phrases to say to my sissy, I was concerned it would cause hurt feelings.  But, I'm so glad my sissy reminded me that we need to communicate with each other and use our safe word if one us isn't comfortable.

Monday, April 8, 2019

A new season

It's been a few months since my last blog.  A lot has happened, but SubHubby and I are still having fun.  He's locked now and we're finding that the new lock box I wrote about in my last post is working really well.  I like that I can tease him with the key being so close to the bed and yet he doesn't know the code and can't get in.

Earlier this year, I decided SubHubby had nicer lingerie than I did.  So.....I remedied the situation and went on a shopping spree.  I now have a few sets of matching lingerie.  He's right....you feel so much sexier when you have the right lingerie on.

We've been talking about a weekend getaway to buy some new nylons at our favorite store.....Wolford.  If you haven't discovered this brand yet, you really need to, you won't be disappointed.  SubHubby found this brand a few years ago as a birthday present to me, one of my favorites ever!  Now we like to make weekend trips to stock up and enjoy a few wineries or breweries along the way.

Looking forward to this new season together!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

2019.....a New Year......

A New Year.....what does that mean for everyone out there?

Here in our house, it's a New Year as Mistress and Submissive.  We're learning more about each others fantasies, fetishes.......We're eager to play and explore with each other.....

AND.....it's a new time for SubHubby....He no longer has access to his key.  Before, I would put it in the nightstand or somewhere easily accessible so he could unlock to exercise or shave, but now, he has to ask permission.  I am the only one that knows the 4 digit combination and hopefully I won't forget it. ;)

SubHubby has been locked up pretty constantly since October, just as he should be.  Today marks 9 weeks since his last orgasm and I have to admit that I am truly enjoying teasing and denying him.  My orgasms feel so intense while we play and he is constantly aroused. 

I get almost daily photos of my Submissive in his lingerie as he wears bras, panties, and nylons most days and I look forward to seeing this! 

Here's a link to the key lock box we're using, so far, no complaints. 


I'd love to hear from others....both Mistress and Submissive.....How do you tease/deny your submissive, or how do you like to be teased?  Give me some ideas!  It's a New Year, I want some new ideas to try with my Submissive!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

You might want to hang on to this.........

If you follow subhubby, you know yesterday was his first day locked in a couple of months.  I've missed him being locked.  When he's locked in chastity, we seem to make more time for each other.  We play most nights of the week.  But when he's free for long periods of time, it may be only 1 or 2 nights a week that we make time for each other.  Vanilla is boring!

Yesterday afternoon, he gave me the key and said, here you may want to hang on to this.......

Best words he could say to me.  I have missed the feeling of control over him.  Knowing each time he cums and how it happens.  I know there were times he would cum when he was free and truly I feel possessive over those O's.  I want to know what goes through his mind as he strokes his cock.  What brings him to the edge and makes him explode.  I don't foresee this as a problem for quite some time.....He may have had his last O of the year in October ;)

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Life Changes.......

This summer has been chaotic and crazy.  I am finishing up graduate school and unfortunately subhubby and I have been vanilla..........  

Of course there's been lingerie and sexting and fantasizing with each other.  I still love to tease subhubby and whisper in his ear what turns me on while we play.  We often talk about having a third person in the bedroom with us and whether or not he would be out of his cage or if I'd make him stay locked and watch........

I recently gave subhubby a new piece of lingerie from HommeMystere, our favorite place to buy him lingerie.  He looked so sexy wearing it with nylons.  And he already had the matching panties.....BONUS for my morning lingerie photo!

And tomorrow night we get something new....Satin sheets!  This will be our first set of satin sheets and I can't wait to feel them as we play!

Thinking of the lyrics to the song Life Changes.....this is so true, I wouldn't change it for the world.....never would I have imagined we would live a life of chastity........but it's US......we may take breaks from it, but it works for US.  

Friday, July 13, 2018

The wonderful world of lingerie

When we first began exploring our new lifestyle, I never imagined my husband would wear complete lingerie sets to work each day........Nor did I think I would be okay with it.....enjoy it.  I look forward to getting a daily lingerie photo from him each morning.  There's something about staring at your submissive in a bra and panties while you drink your coffee that makes the day enjoyable.  There were a couple of weeks while he was remodeling our bathroom that he didn't wear lingerie each day and I truly missed these photos.

When I got home from work, I put on my black sheer nylons, silky purple with black lace panties, and a black lace nightie.  I felt sexy.  I told my submissive to put on his mini skirt, nylons and heels.....we needed to clean.  We sipped bourbon while we cleaned and teased each other.  When we were finished, I made him kiss my feet and massage my nylons.  My orgasm last night was amazing, the feel of his warm mouth on my toes as my orgasm ripped through my body was beyond pleasure. 

And for my submissive....last night was complete denial...he stayed locked in his cage, only touching my feet. 

Love my life.....love my submissive.....

Monday, May 21, 2018

30 days

Wow, that has been a long hiatus from blogging.  If you've been following subhubby, he's been more active in updating about our chastity life.  Regular life has been crazy and with some home remodels, he was out of his cage for way too long.  It's now been 30 days since his last orgasm. I hope you have been reading my submissive's blog to find out that he made it 90 days without an orgasm in March.  I've hinted at different milestones that I may make him get to this time......When I finish college in November......New Years, his birthday in December......truth is, I don't even know yet.  We play so much more when he's locked and I constantly feel empowered and turned on.  During his extended stance of being out of chastity, I was beginning to feel as though he didn't want to be submissive and he wanted to go back to vanilla....... :( who would prefer that over our current relationship? 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Sex Toy Holiday

We haven't been kinky for our entire relationship, but Valentine's day has never been about flowers, jewelry, and the "traditional" money making celebrations.  It is a day for funny cards, which have gotten more inappropriate and fabulous over the years and most recently, new sex toys.  

Sex toy holiday is a fun excuse to get new toys.  Last year we purchased a Liberator flip ramp.  This has been an amazing addition to the bedroom, if you don't have one......they're worth the money.  We use it for multiple positions.  It's fun to make my submissive bend over it while I enter him with my strap on.

Image result for liberator flip ramp
This year.......We decided we had enough toys and would purchase lingerie.  This year he got to model his lingerie, but mine has yet to arrive.  Sex toy holiday marked 72 days since submissive's last orgasm, as well as one whole month since he'd had an erection.  I think that it was just as hard for me to not get him out, as it was for him to be caged for so long.  One of my favorite ways to tease him is to get him hard, bring him to the edge, and deny him.....NOT once....but multiple times in the evening. 

So this year, after a glass of wine.....I did just that.......It was fabulous. I came, he didn't, but we were both satisfied.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Pleasantly Uncomfortable

Subhubby pointed out that January 14th was International Male Chastity day.  Essentially, my submissive is to be locked up until February 14th........not allowed out......not allowed to cum.......no erections......

He was so sure I'd let him cum the night before.  I led him to think this.  I numbed him, made him hard and allowed him the pleasure of fucking me for as long as I could take.  I was pleasantly sore when we were finished, but it felt so good. 

It's just a month until February 14th, not so hard, right?.......Today marks day 52 without an orgasm, so he was clearly denied for days before Chastity day.  But will he be able to cum on February 14th???  (***Mistress gives evil laugh***)  Only time will tell....

It feels so powerful to control his orgasms.  Furthermore, it's a testament to the trust we have for each other.  Trusting in the exploration of our sexual experiences, knowing that we've changed since our relationship first began, and we'll continue to evolve. 

His submission never ceases to amaze me.  Wanting to provide full pleasure to me.......When we first began this new lifestyle, I would cave after a few days.  I felt bad if I didn't let him cum at least once per week.  But now, I see how pleasantly uncomfortable he gets when I deny him.  It's pleasurable to me to hear him moan and beg to cum, but of course, I don't.  I now focus on ways that I can tease him, ways to keep him constantly aroused.  Yesterday, I controlled his Lovesense Hush butt plug from an app on my phone.  We weren't even in the same county and yet I held the power to make him aroused and wanting more.  The best part....he didn't know what vibration pattern would come, or when it would happen.  Win for the Mistress.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


As of today, it's been 36 days since my submissive last had an orgasm.  It has been extremely fun to tease and deny him.  The last two weeks have been the most fun because he is so close to coming just with a few strokes.  Super power of the Mistress!  

A few nights ago, I made my submissive put on his maid outfit and do some chores.  He had to unload/reload the dishwasher, put away his laundry.....all while displaying his heels.  He also had his Lovesense butt plug in while doing his chores.  I was able to send him a few patterns to tease him.

After his chores there was time for fun.  I let him out of his cage, made him shave and be smooth, I can't stand it when he is hairy.......I masturbated while he was in the shower, enjoying a pleasurable orgasm.  When he came out, I let him inside of me.  I brought him to the edge more times than I can count but denied him from his release.  I teased him until he said... Please Mistress let me back in my cage......

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Friday Surprise

Last Friday, I gave subhubby a surprise.  It came from HommeMystere; a site that specializes in lingerie for men.  This wasn't the first time we purchased from this site; we've been pleased with both shipments.  The last purchase; subhubby picked out the order; I gave him control to choose what he liked and surprise Me.  This time, I did the choosing.  What do you think???  He looks great, doesn't he?  And he even modeled for me, such a good little submissive.

Men's lingerie is a new avenue we've been exploring.  As we meet new friends and explore our lifestyle, we're finding more things we like and want to try.

Monday, December 4, 2017

I NEED him!

Subhubby and I have been quite busy lately and unfortunately it hasn't been in the bedroom involving teasing.  There was one night in the last two weeks that we played and I enjoyed so many O's I can't even remember.....was it 6??? was it 7????  An Orgasm is such a stress reliever and relaxation for me.  To give is sometimes just as great as receiving.  On this same night, I was massaging subhubby's cock with my hand, listening to his moans to guide my speed, the firmness in which I was holding him and bringing him right to the edge.  It was so pleasurable to me to hear his moans........and it was just as nice to feel him quiver and thrust into my hand as I allowed him to O that night.......an O so intense that he could feel tingling in his toes.......But Tonight..........

Yes, tonight.....I plan to tease him long time and not let him O.  Right now he's in the shower preparing himself.  I like him smooth.....all over.......Being the obedient sub that he is, he's going to please me tonight......and then when he gets out of the shower, he's going to numb himself.  I need a long, hard, fucking, and I want to be sure he feels pleasurably frustrated when we're finished.  

Friday, November 17, 2017


Subhubby got a new toy last week.  It's a butt plug from Lovense called Hush........It's description should be anything but hush.  It's an amazing vibrating toy.  When we first used it, he would receive an alert before a vibrating pattern would begin, but he didn't know when or which one would be coming.  I sent short ones here and there, just to keep him on his toes....or bring him to his knees I should say.  The last one of the evening I sent him was called Frustration...It was meant to be an 8 minute pattern.  I of course masturbated in bed next to him while it was vibrating and it just seemed to keep going.  He of course, kept moaning and begging to cum.  I did what any good mistress would do.  I enjoyed 3 orgasms myself and continued to deny him of any.  When I was finished, I thought to myself, wow, 3 orgasms in 8 minutes, that's crazy!  It turned out that it had been over 16 minutes long and it was still going!  Frustration was definitely a fitting title for this pattern.